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Eleganza Large Pull Bow - 50MM - Poly Ribbon - PURPLE

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1 x Eleganza

PURPLE - Large 50mm Poly Pull Bow

These beautiful premium quality bows measure between 5-7 inches (13-18cm) in Diameter.

The bows are great for decorating wedding top tables, wedding cars ,
floral bouquets or as a finishing touch to a table/chair sash.

Easy Assembly Instructions:

1) Locate the two thin curling ribbons between tails
2) Hold the ends of those thin ribbons together with one hand,
and start pulling them slowly towards yourself while pushing the rest of the ribbons away.
The loops will automatically arrange themselves as you pull the strings.
3) Tie the strings into a knot on the back of the bow and secure it with a little loop.
4) Use the strings to attach a bow to any surface or curl them for additional decorating effect.