Dovecraft - Merry Christmas - Red Card Toppers - Pack of 6 –

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Dovecraft - Merry Christmas - Red Card Toppers - Pack of 6

Dovecraft - Merry Christmas - Red Card Toppers - Pack of 6

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Merry Christmas

Sentiment Red Craft Card Toppers

Pack of 6

This set comes with 6 cute Sentiment card topper cut outs - a Christmas party essential, great for bringing all your other party decorations and ideas together.

Each of these little Sentiment card topper cut outs measures an impressive 4cm x 5,5cm that coordinate perfectly with your Christmas party. Their size combined with their unique design makes these Sentiment card toppers an impressive addition to any festive occasion.

They can be used as cake decorations, beautiful centerpieces, wall decorations or for creating impressive and unique cards and party invitations. They can also be hole-punched for stringing them together as part of a holiday banner or hang individually as a nice ceiling decoration. However you choose to use them, they will definitely make a statement.

The Sentiment toppers are professionally printed on heavy-duty card stock paper, so you know they are high quality. They are also carefully inspected and packaged neatly, ready to be used when you get them.

Our products are made from high quality materials that are safe to be used by people of all age groups. They are especially loved by our younger artists for all their DIY crafts and decorating needs. If you do have any enquiries about these products, our friendly customer care team are always happy to assist.